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Senast uppdaterat 2015-01-14


Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB develops and manages the IP – standard which is the leading independent food and flower certification scheme.

The IP-standard contributes to sustainable development in crop and animal production. The standard also comprises handling and processing of foodstuff and is coupled to the control and origin brand Svenskt Sigill. Today almost 4000 companies are certified according to one or more of the different standard modules.


Being certified according to the standard can bring several business benefits to a company. In public procurement a certificate from an independent standard is a credible verification for monitoring and no additional supplier assurances are needed.  Or the Svenskt Sigill brand is used to communicate, in a simple and very reliable way, that the flowers and the food on the retail shelf originates from a grower or producer that respects and cares for the environment and the animals.

The accreditation of the standard means that the official authority Swedac has accepted the framework and approved the certifications body’s competence and independence. Companies who certify their businesses according to one or more of the standard modules receive a valuable receipt showing that their business fulfils the demands set by the standard module. An independent third party certification has a very high credibility and will assure traceability and quality which adds value to the certified products. Within the IP standard it is possible to assure the entire delivery chain from growing and rearing through processing and whole sales. Depending on the nature of the business and the demands from the customers a company can choose to be certified according to the different standard levels; IP base level certification or IP Sigill certification.


Svenskt Sigill is the only brand for food and flowers that guarantees Swedish origin and first class certified production of the raw product. The brand has high recognition (>80%) and enjoys a high level of trust with the consumers. Businesses that are certified in accordance with the IP Sigill level fulfil demands that bring added value in regards of animal welfare, environmental consideration and food safety.

To brand products or market a business using the Svenskt Sigill brand the processed or handled product must originate from a Svenskt Sigill certified grower, arable farm or animal production site. Today you can find the brand on many of the food retail products for instance tomatoes, apples, frozen vegetables, fresh herbs, tulips, poinsettias, pork, beef and chicken. 


A standard is an established document containing well defined criterias for how a business should be conducted. The criteria development in the various modules of the IP standard is done in a process where all stakeholders can take part by joining one of the counsel groups where the actual criteria development takes place; the standard counsel, the thematic groups or the technical working groups.


The standard counsel consists of representatives from the IP stakeholder companies and organisations.  They are for instance: food industry, the farming and growing industry, whole salers, public procurement, the retail sector and the consumers. The standard counsel task is to act as advisers to the SKAB board of directors and on an overall level monitor whether IP is being developed in accordance with the IP standard core values. They should also monitor whether the IP Sigill level within the standard is developing in a way that corresponds with the consumer expectations of the Svenskt Sigill brand. All changes to the standard is formally decided by the  Sigill Kvalitetssystem board of directors.


The thematic groups are temporary and their task is to produce the foundation for new criterias by examining, prepare and embed a criteria level for a specific area. Thereafter the group will be dispersed. The members of the group are experts in the respective thematic area. Deltagarna i gruppen utgörs av personer med expertis på det aktuella temaomradet.


The technical working groups shall, building on the foundation provided by the thematic groups, develop criteria that can be audited. The certification bodies take part in this task and, if need be, representatives from the thematic groups. 


For more information about the development and management of the IP standard please refer to IP General conditions.